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We are experienced and  trained in all aspects of  bat removal, bat prevention and bat netting and we always use one way bat excluders.  We know bats and bat behavior and the techniques required to keep bats out and back it up with a written warranty. Call for your Bat removal anywhere in the Greater Denver area today!


We Get Bats Out Of Attics, Roofs and Walls

Most bats our customers encounter occur are either bats living in a structure, lone bats found in a living space or bats seen flying around the home or structure. Bats can easily enter structures because of either contractor error, poor design or a  poor installation of something common like cable, internet , phone , air or heat systems.

Bats squeeze through narrow slits or cracks that often may not even be realized to the homeowner since the smallest bats can enter a home with a 3/8th inch opening or about the size of a #2 pencil or Bic pen. Bats roost on the outside of buildings, behind shutters and anywhere any boards are not properly joined, lapped or sealed. Bats can also roost on porches, in patios, in garages, and behind shingles and roof gutters, loose fitting doors, windows, gaps created by gas, heat, air, cable and utility conduits or vents.

Do You Have Bats In Your Attic or Home?

The best method to confirm the presence of bats is to personally conduct a "bat watch" counting the number of bats leaving your structure and personally identify common bat exit points. starting about 30 minutes before dusk and one hour after sunset. Bat watches should be done on favorable weather nights when it is not raining and temperatures are generally above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

A second method is to inspect and identify all gaps that need to be sealed up. A bat inspection is often not simple and will require working from a ladder or even a man lift for some buildings. No one can properly give a accurate price over the phone or even standing on the ground and looking at your structure since bats often have many gaps that need to be sealed up even though they may not be using them at this time. One common homeowner mistake is to think they only have a gap or two and then suddenly realize that bats that have been excluded from a home will try to regain entry first before flying off in search of a new bat roost in some other attic nearby.

Please call and inquire about our bat inspection, bat exclusion, bat control, and humane bat extermination services. Don’t be fooled by false claims of bat repellents  and moth balls does not get rid of bats it just makes your house stink and unsafe! Got bat bugs? We treat for bedbugs and batbugs. Concerned about bats & rabies?


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