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Nuisance birds actually cost property owners millions of dollars in damage every year . Birds cause damage to everything from homes, lawns, landscaping, equipment, machinery, industrial facilities,  airports,   golf courses,  parks, and other property are vulnerable to bird damage.  Nuisance  birds and their excessive droppings have been known to pose both public health and safety concerns.

Bird Damage



We can handle and address your concerns regarding pigeon droppings and damage to historic residences, landmarks, monuments and courthouses.  Birds , notably pigeons can have such large roosts that in a few short days render a building entrance useless because of the mess and unhealthy presence bird droppings make.

Birds can destroy a business. Imagine having a restaurant where you can’t sit outside and eat for fear of getting nailed by bird crap! Birds love shopping center and highway bulletin board signs and we love providing the solution to a clean sign.

Live up in a high rise and have a balcony that has become the favorite toilet of the neighborhood? We can clean that balcony of all bird droppings, install permanent bird netting that not only keep nuisance birds out but makes a safer balcony for young children and pets too!


We can install bird deterrent , bird, gull and  and pigeon netting, electric shock  jolt systems,   and bird spikes as possible method for bird proofing and a solution to your own bird control problems. We install bird netting &  spikes in areas birds are known to roost in such as roof peaks, chimney stacks, and other areas of concern .


Common Nuisance Birds

Blackbirds, Crows, Mourning and Ground Doves, House Sparrows, Pigeons, Canada Geese, Grackles, Woodpeckers, and Starlings


* Certified Pest Control Operator - specializing in Bird , Predator and wildlife removal solutions.

* Industrial Bird Control- Pigeon, Starling and Sparrows

* Corporate, Agricultural and residential trapping and wildlife control.

* Wildlife trapping and removal.

* We provide long term solutions for any wildlife, animal, bat, bird pest problems.

* Licensed and fully insured for wildlife and pest control services

* Bat, Bird, Animal Exclusion & Damage Repair.

* We control and remove any nuisance animal or pest you may have.