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When its skunk season yes they have season and Jan-Feb skunks spray to impress their mates and its part of the courtship of lady skunks. Imagine That!  Skunks think spraying is sexy! We are both  a reasonable, affordable Skunk Removal Company.

Few people enjoy the smell of skunk’s or their well known, famous offensive skunk odor. We offer professional odor free skunk removal, skunk control and skunk trapping services. We know how to trap skunks, how to get rid of skunk problems humanely, get skunks out and keep skunks out!

We are experienced skunk trappers. We know all the skunks tricks and antics and have the right skunk trapping solutions to put an end to your nuisance skunk concerns. We use humane skunk traps, we are skunk trappers  with all of your Denver skunk removal solutions.